Gregory Epps

Gregory Epps is the founder of RoboFold and Robots.IO. He is of the first people to appropriate robotics for applications in design and architecture. He graduated from the Innovation Design Engineering joint masters at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Gregory has developed the RoboFold folding technology over 17 years. His first clients included ZHA, Fosters, BMW and Joris Laarman.

His vision of the future has been welcomed globally, in Japan, the United States, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Ireland, Wales and at home in London. The IO robotic software is a product of Gregory's sheer determination to make using robots simple for everyone and encourage new process development.

RoboFold &Robots.IO studio, Brixton, South London

Photograph taken at RoboFold &Robots.IO studio, Brixton, South London by british photographer Hugh Grant.

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