Gregory Epps
Gregory Epps
Outlining the RoboFold journey via it's founder Gregory Epps's timeline
The RoboFold team is joined by Jeg Dudley, an old acquaintance. The team grows alongside the volume of challenging projects.
RoboFold works with team ZHA on the Venice Bienalle of Architecture and re-visits the automotive industry with Bentley…
RoboFold installs it's own ABB robots (R2D2 and C3PO), focussing on proving viability for use in product design and architecture. Florent Michelle joins the robot family.
RoboFold receives Knowledge Connect grant to research Finite Element modelling of the RoboFold process with Imperial College London.
Max is born into the robot family. RoboFold secures the Carbon Trust incubator grant to investigate the CO2 savings and works with the consultancy TTP and a leading domestic appliance manufacture to prove 70% savings for mass produced panels. 
RoboFold is incorporated and shortly after receives some funding from Design London. Partnered with Staubli Robotics, SimX robotic simulation experts, Tatem Indistrial Automation and TRUMPF metal cutting to develop the first industrial example of curved folding with robots.
Gregory Epps is now a graduate from Industrial Design Engineering dual Masters at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London embarking on an entrepreneur's journey. With investment from family, encouraged by Ema he begins planning trade shows and finding partnerships.
Gregory is awarded his Masters at The Royal Albert Hall shared with Tracy Emin's honorary doctorate of Art. Ema becomes the 7th Mrs Epps, his first born son comes in time to witness the ceremony.
EmTech is still unaffordable. Gregory applies for Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal College of Arts. Accepted.

Despite agreeing to do non folding, Gregory manages to make: a folding syringe, folded butter dish, lego paper crumpling machine, folded structural component system from plywood with polyrpopylene skin Cabin Fever in collaboration with Unto This Last. So everything folded except a desk!
Final project is conducting research to prove viability of a manufacturing system for curved folded metal panels. RoboFold is gaining momentum. Patent for bending sheet material is submitted. The folded car is presented at the 100th anniversary of the Royal College of Art admired by his Royal Highness Prince Philip.
Learns lots from Thomas Wingate about CAD and computers. Accepted on to EmTech at the AA, can't afford it. Does some consultancy for Peter Testa Architects.
Spends the final year of the BA folding stuff. Making machines to fold stuff. Building installations. Using laser cutters, CNC routers. Learning Rhino.
Creates a series of wearable curved surfaces created from leather and polypropylene laminate, based on random offcuts of leather. The beginnings of his process based design methodology are forming.
Spatial Arts BA, London Metropolitan DASD (Department of Architecture and Spatial Design): Risks starting on a new BA focused on site-specific art, architectural and social theory - heavy on the theory, but completely open to physical output.   Begins designing products for Unto This Last.
Sculpture BA, Brighton: Mostly involves riding in the hills on mountain bikes. Drops out after one year. Manages to create some bio-mechanic Lego armatures.
Art and Design Foundation, Camberwell College of Art: At the interview: "Why don't you skip the foundation and just do the degree?" - No, art foundation is fun, so really worth doing! The initial focus on graphic arts morphs into sculpture as the collage grows in scale.
With only two A-levels vying for his attention, Gregory dives in to art and design, finding the time and courage to date Balkan born Ema. His graduation piece in Design Technology is a mountain bike suspension system with a pivot around the bottom bracket shell, thus eliminating pedal-induced chain feedback.
The bike gets raced down various mountains. Gets a job testing suspension systems for a start-up. His portraiture is later to earn him a commission. In his own time, Gregory has shunned the more traditional art forms and investigates collage and montage.
Builds first curved folding sculpture from aluminium.
Elliott School, Putney: Gregory takes Art, Design Technology, Physics and Chemistry at A-level. Drops out of Physics (not enough girls) and fails Chemistry (too many girls).

In art Gregory meets Ema Mandicevska, little does he/she know she will be his future wife and business partner.